There’s a better way to coordinate patient care

Messaging, referral, and patient engagement software that helps your organization grow without compromise.


How to get started on Florie


Schedule a demo

Schedule a 15 minute demo with a platform specialist to see how Florie will streamline your workflows.


Set up your account

Your account specialist will then help with setting up your account and coordinate any end to end testing.


Invite your network

Once your account is set up, your account manager will help guide you through the on-boarding process.

Deliver a patient engagement experience that exceeds their expectations.

Florie gives you the tools you need to increase access, retain more patients and lower your operating cost without compromising care quality.

Increase access


Florie Messenger

Florie’s HIPAA-compliant messaging allows your providers to engage and respond to their patients without the interruption of phone calls and endless voicemails and callbacks.

Florie Manager

Florie’s proprietary closed loop referral process enables your team to keep 100% of your referrals within your network of providers and significantly reduces administrative burdens, eliminates leakage, and increases revenue.

Florie Marketplace

Florie’s streamlined patient scheduling process provides a steady flow of new appointment requests from our large (and growing) network of patients, without a single phone call.

Why patients prefer Florie

No more phone calls

Florie makes it possible for patients to schedule appointments and connect with their providers and pharmacists without ever making a phone call

Better access to care

Florie automatically delivers patients to their primary care physician's network of trusted specialists. 

All-in-one platform

With Florie, patients no longer have to subject themselves to multiple patient apps and portals to get the care they need.


There’s a better way to coordinate patient care

Schedule a free consultation with an account specialist and see how Florie will benefit your organization.