Become a Florie Broker
Join Florie’s community of partners and say goodbye to sliding scale commission plan. You’ll earnt 10% straight commission on every $ sold.

Florie health and wellness is designed to maximizing utility and savings

We know you only save when employees utilize their benefits. Florie’s proprietary health and wellness engagement app provides access to all your benefits on one platform.

What success looks like

10% On every $ sold. No caps, no minimums
Payouts happen on the 13th of every month. We use Stripe to deposit the funds into your account.
Broker Commission Steps


$5,000 premium


$50,000 premium


$500,000 premium

How it works

Apply online
It takes just a couple minutes to apply. We’ll respond to your application within 1-2 business days.
Share your referral link
Once accepted to the program, you can access our partner dashboard and start sharing your referral link.
Get rewarded
Earn a 10% commission on every premium with no limits.
Get Started

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Let’s talk about how we can help you save your clients money and help you grow your bottom line.
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