Save up to 60% on your dental spend

With Florie Dental, you will never pay for services your employees don’t use.
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Immediate Access

No waiting periods or annual maximums

Our discount dental program offers immediate access to discounted services with no waiting periods and annual maximums associated with traditional insurance plans.

No deductibles or copayments

Unlike traditional insurance plans, our discount dental program has no deductibles or copayments for services rendered. Making dental care more affordable and accessible for employees.
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Nationwide network of over 300,000 providers

Let us run a full analysis of your previous claims data, so we can accurately estimate your savings opportunity.


Easy enrollment

Our simple intuitive enrollment process requires minimal setup and saves HR departments valuable time and resources.

Simplified Billing

Employers often receive a single, consolidated bill for enrollment fees or premiums. Making financial management and reconciliation easier.
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