Save up to 35% on your prescription drug costs

As prescription drug prices skyrocket, our membership program is delivering significant savings to employers and employees everywhere.
Membership Case Study

A revolutionary pharmacy membership

This Pharmacy membership program makes the most used, generic medications typically used to treat conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, and Depression, available for FREE to everyone.
of drugs prescribed to your employees are covered by the membership plan
Membership Overview

Our Membership plan includes

Access to 4000 medications including 800 for FREE.
Immediate need
FREE Acute Medications

Short-term, acute care prescriptions such as antibiotics or steroids, are included for Free. The top 128 acute care medications are covered, up to a 21 day supply.
Chronic Need
Free 90-day supply of maintenance medications
For members managing high blood pressure or high cholesterol, we will overnight your prescription, as a 90 day supply, free of charge. More than 480 maintenance medications are available.
Discounted over-the-counter medications
Our Members only pay a fraction of the cost on the most commonly purchased over-the-counter medications.

Member pricing

Diabetes discount program

Members managing diabetes get a FREE testing meter, discounted lancets and testing strips, free oral medications, and insulin at the lowest price.

Nationwide Network

Accepted at 64,000 pharmacies nationwide

No matter your location or pharmacy, we have you covered.
Pharmacist Coaching

Access to pharmacist coaches

Have a question about your prescription or medication? Our friendly pharmacist coaches are always here to take care of you.
Monthly Individual Price

Monthly Family Price

Member Pricing

Simple, transparent membership pricing

We like to keep it really simple. You pay the same membership price regardless of utilization rates.
Easy Enrollment

Getting started is easy

employees in your Rx membership
Employees downloads their Rx membership card
switches Rx to our pharmacy
Speak with a program specialist today and see how much you’ll save with our membership plan
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