Deliver a patient engagement experience that you and your patients deserve

Florie is a communication platform that helps you increase patient access, minimize administrative burdens, and grow without compromise

You and your staff spend too much time on phone calls.

Navigating health care systems is laborious and time-consuming

Patients are more demanding and your staff are overwhelmed

You and your patients deserve better

Our world has changed and patient expectations have changed too

Florie gives you the tools you need to make your organization more accessible, run more efficiently and deliver a patient engagement experience that exceeds their expectations.

We don’t just care about the patient experience.

We believe you deserve a better administrative experience.

Schedule more appointments

Retain more referrals

Delight your patients and staff

Grow your revenue

How Florie can help you

Today’s consumers don’t like making or receiving phone calls. Eliminate phone tag and engage with patients and colleagues through your HIPAA-compliant chat.

Florie’s proprietary network software allows you to minimize leakage and refer patients to your trusted network of providers with ease.

Receive and schedule referrals and direct patient appointment requests without ever making a phone call.

How to get started on Florie


Schedule a demo

Schedule a 15 minute demo with a platform specialist to see how Florie will streamline your workflows.


Set up your account

Your account specialist will then help with setting up your account and coordinate any end to end testing.


Invite your network

Once your account is set up, your account manager will help guide you through the on-boarding process.

There’s a better way to coordinate patient care

Schedule a free consultation with an account specialist and see how Florie will benefit your organization.
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