Seamlessly refer your patients to providers you trust

without ever making a phone call.

How to refer your patients on Florie


Open your free Account

Authenticate your account with a valid email address and cell phone number, and start using instantly.

Pick a provider

Enter your patients’ details, the provider’s email or mobile phone number, and a reason for the referral.


The patient referral to the provider of your choice, instantly, without ever making a single phone call

Navigating the healthcare continuum is a laborious and fragmented process for patients.

Florie’s referral process enables you to connect your patients with the care they need when they need it most.

Why providers use Florie to refer their patients

Referral schedule image

No phone calls required

The phone call is still the biggest obstacle to scheduling referrals. Florie’s streamlined process requires no phone calls and can be completed in seconds.

Patients get scheduled

Florie’s proprietary process ensures that patients get the care they need; 100% of referrals are delivered to the selected provider or network with full transparency for both the sending and scheduling offices.


Florie keeps track of how many referrals the office has sent, received, declined, and scheduled on behalf of each provider.

Why patients prefer Florie’s referral process

In-network providers

Florie matches insurance plans so that patients are scheduled with the in-network providers their doctors trust.

Seamless process

Patients are no longer tasked with managing their own care. With Florie, the process is managed by providers and their staff from start to finish.

Care coordination

Providers can communicate directly through Florie to provide updates or request additional information in a HIPAA-compliant manner without involving the patient.

Patient Referral Reminder

There’s a better way to refer your patients

Florie’s referral software seamlessly connects your patients to your trusted network of providers, without ever making a single phone call.