Florie's secure chat feature makes it easier for you and your staff to engage and respond to your patients' needs

without the flurry of phone calls that burdens most offices today.

How to start using Florie secure chat


Open your Florie Account

Authenticate your account with a valid email address and cell phone number, and start using instantly.

Invite a provider/patient

Using just the recipient's email or mobile phone number, select a patient or provider to message.


Start sending messages

Send a message to your patient or refer to a provider, instantly, without revealing your phone number.

You and your office staff waste a lot of time and resources playing phone tag with your patients, referring practices, and local pharmacies.

Florie’s secure chat gives you and your team the ability to engage with any patient, physician, or pharmacist on one platform without a single phone call.

Why providers are using Florie to chat with their patients

Chat practice image

Significantly reduced phone traffic

Some items really do require a phone call. For everything else, an encrypted chat is more efficient, less disruptive, and easily archived for your records.

Practice efficiency

Incoming calls interrupt what your staff was in the middle of doing and outbound calls always seem to reach more voicemails than actual people.

Better patient experience

“Florie chat” delivers a patient healthcare experience that exceeds their expectations. Most of your patients call because they have to, not because they want to.

Why patients are using Florie to chat with their providers and pharmacist

Seamless access

With “Florie chat”, patients can message their provider’s office or pharmacy and then get on with their day instead of waiting on hold or hoping that someone calls them back.

Care coordination

“Florie chat” makes it easy for providers to share information about their patients or add a colleague to the conversation for better care coordination.

All-in-one platform

With Florie, patients no longer have to subject themselves to multiple patient apps and portals to get the care they need.

There’s a better way to connect and chat with patients, physicians, and pharmacists.

Florie provides a secure communication channel where healthcare providers can engage patients without compromise. 

Because “good for your patient” should also mean “good for everyone”.