A patient centered platform designed with payors in mind

Because “good for patients” should also mean “good for payors”

How to get started on Florie


Schedule a demo

Schedule a 15 minute demo with a platform specialist to see how Florie will streamline your workflows.


Set up your account

Your account specialist will then help you set up your account and coordinate any end-to-end testing.


Invite your network

Once your account is set up, your account manager will help guide you through your first set of invites.

Our world has changed and patient expectations have changed too.

Today’s consumers expect their payor and provider to be more accessible and responsive. Florie provides the tools you need to meet and exceed their expectations.

Streamline PPO plans with Florie


Keep patients in their network

Florie’s proprietary scheduling process significantly reduces out-of-network episodes.

Customizable networks

Florie enables payors to filter their provider networks around their plan preferences.

Streamlined referrals

Florie streamlines the transfer of care to connect physician referrals and discharges to preferred in-network providers.

Reduce managed care overhead with Florie

Florie Manager

Our proprietary referral process ensures patients are kept in-network and significantly reduces administrative burdens on your case managers.

Florie Messenger

provides direct access to patients, practices and pharmacists significantly reducing phone calls and endless voicemails and callback

Patient discharges

Florie’s seamless discharge process ensures patients get the follow up care they need resulting in fewer readmissions


Increase access, and reduce cost without compromise

Because “good for patients” should also mean “good for payors”