Social for healthcare

In an industry where communication is notoriously fragmented and siloed, Florie makes it simple to connect, to get the right message to the right patient at the right time.

What is Florie?

Florie is a patient-centric platform that makes it easier than ever before to deliver targeted engagement campaigns directly to consumers’ mobile phones.

Florie’s contactless platform enables you to build your network, streamline your workflows, and deliver better campaigns to grow your business.

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Florie is a game-changer for all of us in healthcare:

Every healthcare stakeholder,
connected, engaged, empowered.

Florie is revolutionizing how healthcare stakeholders market their services.

No matter what sector of healthcare you’re in,
we invite you to learn more about our suite of tools.


Florie makes it easy for you to connect with your preferred audience by creating your own custom network. Florie enables connected stakeholders to leverage new resources and relationships to serve populations at scale.

Grow your referral network patient base practice revenue


Unlike posting on traditional social media platforms, where content may or may not hold relevance, with Florie, your consumers are presented with focused content resulting in better engagement.

The right content time place


Florie’s best-in-class analytics makes tracking your campaign performance a breeze. You and your team are empowered to identify opportunities and take action faster.

No more
wasted time
missing ROI

Powerful Alone.

Better Together.

Florie delivers all the tools you need to provide a best-in-class patient experience into one place. Our transformative platform will help you grow with tools that are powerful alone, but better together.

We believe all of healthcare deserves something better.

It’s time to bring social to healthcare.

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