The patient engagement network

Making healthcare more accessible for everyone, everywhere

The vast majority of healthcare is still conducted over the phone.

The administrative process is laborious, time-consuming and expensive.

Patients are more demanding and administrative staff are overwhelmed.

You and your patients deserve better.

Florie’s proprietary platform is taking the phone call out of healthcare

Florie is a suite of contactless features working seamlessly together to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Online scheduling

Contactless online scheduling eliminate unnecessary phone calls and ensures your patients are scheduled with your defined network of providers

Encrypted web chat

Eliminate unnecessary phone tag for everyone. Florie makes it easy for you and your physician network to react to your patients' needs more efficiently

Direct messaging

Unify administrative and clinical teams with a built-in instant messenger that's faster, simpler, and more convenient than email

Referral Management

Florie’s proprietary phoneless referral process eliminates leakage and minimizes administrative burdens to ensure your patients are scheduled with your specific network of physicians

Microtargeted content

Microtargeted, educational content delivered directly to mobile devices drives better engagement, improves compliance, and delivers significantly higher ROI

Peer-to-peer networking

Florie makes it easy to connect with your peers. Start building secure referral networks and open channels for better care coordination


For those patients who can’t see you in person, Florie’s telehealth link keeps you both connected to ensure your patients get the care they need when they need it most

Patient forms *coming soon*

Florie’s custom form builder allows you to reduce administrative burdens by collecting patient information and consent signatures before they visit your practice

Closed-loop analytics

From content engagement to appointment scheduling, take your engagement efforts to the next level with real time analytic updates

Each feature is powerful alone, but even better together.

There’s a better way to engage your patients.

Together we can eliminate unnecessary phone calls, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Let us help you deliver a healthcare experience that you and your patients deserve.

Built for organizations of any size

Infinitely scalable, easily accessible, and built for today’s healthcare cloud


Protecting your data at every layer is foundational to how Florie works

  • Meet compliance needs and regulatory HIPAA requirements
  • Rest assured Florie is using industry-accepted best practices and frameworks
  • Secure your data with Flories Enterprise Access Management feature

Enterprise Access Management

Complete control and visibility of access to your data in Florie using your own encryption keys

  • Control access to your data by location, role and department
  • Easily add and delete users
  • Govern all your users and teams from a single place


No matter what system you have, we’ve got you covered

  • Designed to integrate with most PMS and EMR software
  • Supporting HL7, FHIR, DICOM and API
  • 24/7 monitoring

Try Florie for free and let your data drive your decision.

No credit card required, no software to install.


Navigating healthcare is a fragmented and time-consuming process. It has a dreadful impact on the healthcare provider’s experience and a similarly negative impact on the patient’s experience. Traditional “patient engagement” still requires the patient to plot their own journey on the road back to health. With Florie, the administrative burdens on patients and healthcare staff are eliminated to help you deliver a healthcare experience that both you and your patients deserve.

Florie makes it really easy to securely upload your patient contacts and connect with your peers. 

When you upload your patient contacts, you can instantly start enjoying the benefits of Florie’s contactless features.

Then you can invite your peers to connect with you on Florie. Florie will make it easy for you to build robust referral channels and grow your patient network. The more connected you, are the more available you become to patients when they seek care through Florie’s patient scheduling feature.

Yes! Florie encrypts data from end to end, both at rest and in transit; even we at Florie can’t access unencrypted patient information at any point. We’re both HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant. Additionally, Florie doesn’t acquire or maintain health or financial data; unlike social media companies, we don’t and won’t profit from selling you or your patients’ information.

Yes! Traditional email isn’t HIPAA-compliant and most patients don’t have access to encrypted email. Further, most bulk email ends up in junk, spam, or promotional email folders and yields very low open rates. With Florie, you can send highly relevant information directly to specific patients’ mobile devices, all within our fully encrypted environment.