There's a better way to chat, refer, and acquire more patients.

Without ever making a phone call.

How to get started on Florie


Open your Free Account

Authenticate your account with a valid email address and cell phone number, and start using instantly.


Pick A Patient/Provider

Using just the recipient's email or mobile phone number, select a patient or provider.



Send a message to your patient or refer to a provider, instantly, without revealing your phone number.

Our world has changed and patient expectations have changed too.

Florie gives you the tools you need to make your practice more accessible, run more efficiently, and deliver a patient engagement experience that exceeds their expectations.

Why providers are using Florie


Florie Messenger

Florie’s HIPAA-compliant chat feature eliminates burdensome phone tag and enables providers - and their teams - to engage and respond to their patients without the constant interruption of the telephone.

Florie Manager

Florie makes it easy for providers to send patients to their trusted network of colleagues to get them the care they need when they need it, without a single phone call.

Florie Marketplace

Florie’s streamlined patient scheduling process provides a steady flow of new appointment requests from our large network of patients, without a single phone call.

Why patients love Florie

No more phone calls

Florie makes it possible for patients to schedule appointments and connect with their providers and pharmacist - without ever making a phone call.

More access to care

Florie seamlessly connects patients with their primary care physician's trusted network of local, in-network specialists.

All-in-one platform

With Florie, patients no longer have to subject themselves to multiple patient apps and portals to get the care they need.


There's a better way to engage and refer your patients

Patient engagement and referral software that helps your practice grow without compromise. Because “good for your patient” should also mean “good for your practice”.