The complete patient engagement solution

No matter which patient cohort you want to engage, no matter what content you want to deliver, you can do it with Florie

Florie’s proprietary process

Florie makes it easy to upload and deliver microtargeted campaigns

Easily upload campaigns

Whenever you want to get content to your patients, Florie’s simple interface lets you upload it in seconds

Microtarget your patients

Say goodbye to broad and unfocused campaigns. Florie’s microtargeting capabilities ensures you get the right content to the right patients every time

Deliver your content

Florie delivers your content via SMS and in-app notifications to ensure the highest open rates for better campaign performance

Smart calls to action

Florie’s proprietary one-touch calls-to-action ensure your patients are scheduled within your specific network of physicians

Automated analytics

Enjoy real-time, end-to-end activity reports

Designed for every healthcare organization

No matter what your patient engagement goals are, you can achieve them with Florie

Insurance Payors

Make it easy for your members to be scheduled within your preferred networks of providers

Healthcare Systems

Engage more patients and deliver a consumer experience that exceeds their expectations

Med Device & Pharma

Microtageted marketing drives more patients to your preferred networks of providers

Taking the friction out of patient engagement

Florie’s proprietary suite of contactless features allows you to deliver a consumer experience that will exceed your patients expectations

Contactless Scheduling

Florie’s proprietary contactless scheduling button can be easily added to any website or mobile app to ensure your patients are scheduled with your specific network of physicians

Contactless Referrals

Florie’s proprietary contactless referral process eliminates leakage and minimizes administrative burdens to ensure your patients are scheduled with your specific network of physicians

Encrypted Chat

Eliminate unnecessary phone tag for everyone. Florie makes it easy for you and your physician network to react to your patients' needs more efficiently.


Navigating healthcare is a fragmented and time-consuming process. It has a dreadful impact on the healthcare provider’s experience and a similarly negative impact on the patient’s experience. Traditional “patient engagement” still requires the patient to plot their own journey on the road back to health. With Florie, the administrative burdens on patients and healthcare staff are eliminated to help you deliver a healthcare experience that both you and your patients deserve.

Florie makes it really easy to securely upload your patient contacts and connect with your peers. 

When you upload your patient contacts, you can instantly start enjoying the benefits of Florie’s contactless features.

Then you can invite your peers to connect with you on Florie. Florie will make it easy for you to build robust referral channels and grow your patient network. The more connected you, are the more available you become to patients when they seek care through Florie’s patient scheduling feature.

Yes! Florie encrypts data from end to end, both at rest and in transit; even we at Florie can’t access unencrypted patient information at any point. We’re both HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant. Additionally, Florie doesn’t acquire or maintain health or financial data; unlike social media companies, we don’t and won’t profit from selling you or your patients’ information.

Yes! Traditional email isn’t HIPAA-compliant and most patients don’t have access to encrypted email. Further, most bulk email ends up in junk, spam, or promotional email folders and yields very low open rates. With Florie, you can send highly relevant information directly to specific patients’ mobile devices, all within our fully encrypted environment.

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