Simple. Connected. Heathcare.

Revolutionizing communications across the healthcare continuum
Everything you need in one place

Revolutionizing how providers engage with patients

Making day-to-day patient interactions a breeze

Superior engagement

No more posting on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram hoping to connect with patients. With Florie you can seamlessly deliver contextualized content to more patients, directly to their mobile phones.

The right content time place

Contactless Scheduling

No more endless phone tag. With Florieโ€™s proprietary scheduling process youโ€™ll reduce your administrative burdens, seamlessly schedule more patients and delight your staff.
No more
phone tag

Peer-to-peer networking

Florie makes growing your referral base so much easier. Your patients can find the care they need from your network of trusted providers.

Grow your referral network patient base practice revenue

Powerful Alone.

Better Together.

Each feature is powerful alone. The real magic happens when you use them together. Myflorie connects all the tools you need to deliver a best-in-class patient experience into one place. Our crafted consolidated solution will help you grow with tools that are powerful alone, but better together.

We believe you and your patients deserve something better

Itโ€™s time to make your care more accessible to everyone, everywhere

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