Reduce your premiums and support employee wellness

Florie provides the access to care your employees deserve

How to get started on Florie


Schedule a demo

Schedule a 15 minute demo with a platform specialist to see how Florie will streamline your workflows.


Set up your account

Your account specialist will then help you set up your account and coordinate any end-to-end testing.

Invite your employees

Once your account is set up, your account manager will help guide you through your first set of invites.

The care your employees need, when they need it most.

Florie gives you the tools you need to deliver a patient healthcare experience that exceeds your employees’ expectations.

Why employers are choosing Florie


Increase access

Florie’s streamlined scheduling process removes the obstacles between employees and the care they need.

Seamless care coordination

Florie streamlines the referral process and connects your employees to the local, in-network specialists their providers trust

Lower cost of care

Florie helps you lower cost by connecting your employees with the care providers who participate in your specific health plans.

Elevate your employees healthcare experience with Florie

No more phone calls

Florie makes it possible for patients to schedule appointments and connect with their providers and pharmacists - without ever making a phone call.

Seamless access to specialized care

Florie seamlessly connects patients with their primary care physician's trusted network of local, in-network specialists.

All-in-one platform

With Florie, patients no longer have to subject themselves to multiple patient apps and portals to access their care.


Speak to an account specialist

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