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Grow your revenue and deliver value to your network of providers with Florie. Speak to a partner specialist to see how Florie can benefit you, and let's start growing better together.

How to get started on Florie


Schedule a call

A partner specialist will introduce you to the platform and help you evaluate different partnership levels.


Set up your account

Once you've decided on the program level that works best for you, we will help you set up your account.


Invite your network

Your account manager will guide you through the process of inviting staff and members to your network.

Are your members looking for ways to increase revenue and reduce costs?

Whether your network needs to reduce their inbound and outbound phone traffic, streamline their referral process, or acquire more patients, Florie can help.

Why partners are choosing Florie

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No enrollment fees

We provide free software to your members and donโ€™t believe in charging our partners.

Minimal setup time

Once we decide that weโ€™re a good fit for each other, we help you set up your account in minutes so that you can start to engage your members immediately. We take care of everything else.

Our revenue share model

The revenue opportunity grows as your network grows. Our partners share in the content marketplace revenue generated within their network.

How Florie delivers value to your members

Florie Messenger

Florieโ€™s HIPAA-compliant chat feature allows you and your team to engage and respond to your patients without the interruption of phone calls and endless voicemails and callbacks

Florie Manager

Florie makes it easy for providers to send patients to their trusted network of colleagues to get the care they need when they need it, without multiple phone calls.

Florie Marketplace

Florieโ€™s streamlined patient scheduling process provides a steady flow of new patient appointment requests from a large network of patients, all without a single phone call.


Contact our partnership team

Schedule a free consultation with our partnership team to experience how our program will work for you and your network of providers.