Partner with Florie

You want to grow your business faster. You want to help your clients grow.

We can help! Weโ€™re in the growth business. Florie’s partner program is designed to take you and your clients’ business to the next level.

Competition for patients is growing but patient engagement solutions are limited

Social media platforms can only speak directly to followers

Impersonal ads yield low click rates

You and your clients deserve better

Florie's proprietary engagement platform is changing the healthcare marketing landscape

Florie gives you the tools and support needed to grow your business offering, grow your revenue, and provide a marketing experience that exceeds your clients’ expectations.

It's not just about generating leads

It's about scheduling more appointments

Directly engage the right patients

Convert more leads

Delight your clients

Grow your revenue

A complete patient engagement solution

Microtarget healthcare consumers

Patients receive personalized messages from trusted sources (physician, insurer, or healthcare system)

Deliver campaigns directly to their phones

Messages delivered via SMS (with links to encrypted pages) and the Florie patient app yield 98% open rates

Schedule within specific networks

Embedded calls-to-action enable contactless scheduling within specific physician networks

Analyze your campaign performance

Florie's closed-loop process delivers transparent, end-to-end campaign performance numbers in real time


Speak to a partner specialist about how Florie’s partner program can help your business grow.
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