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Online scheduling

Contactless online scheduling eliminates unnecessary phone calls and ensures your patients are scheduled with your defined network of providers

$5 per appointment

Encrypted web chat

Eliminate unnecessary phone tag for everyone. Florie makes it easy for you and your physician network to react to your patients' needs more efficiently

$50 per month

Direct messaging

Unify administrative and clinical teams with a built-in instant messenger that's faster, simpler, and more convenient than email


Referral Management

Florieโ€™s proprietary phoneless referral process eliminates leakage and minimizes administrative burdens to ensure your patients are scheduled with your specific network of physicians

Sending referrals is free; $5 per accepted referral

Microtargeted content

Microtargeted educational content delivered directly to mobile devices drives better engagement, improves compliance, and delivers significantly higher ROI

2c per contact, $1 per click and $5 per appointment request

Peer-to-peer networking

Florie makes it easy to connect with your peers. Start building secure referral networks and open channels for better care coordination



For those patients who canโ€™t see you in person, Florieโ€™s native telehealth feature keeps you both connected to ensure your patients get the care they need when they need it most

$10 per Provider per month

Patient forms *coming soon*

Florieโ€™s custom form builder allows you to reduce administrative burdens by collecting patient information and consent signatures before they visit your practice

$10 per Provider per month

Closed-loop analytics

From content engagement to appointment scheduling, take your engagement efforts to the next level with real time analytic updates


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