Why Florie matters

At Florie, we are driven by a profound purpose that stems from a deeply personal journey. Our story began with a pivotal moment in Founder Alan Quinlan’s life, one that drove a mission for change in the world of healthcare communication.

Alan’s family faced the daunting challenges of healthcare โ€“ navigating the labyrinth of care coordination, struggling with physician referrals, and driving the exchange of vital health information โ€“ all during a critical medical crisis.

Alan knew that these struggles are something many of us can relate to, and the desire to reduce the stress and difficulties that lie within healthcare communication became the driving force behind Florie’s inception.

Our Vision

Florie is more than just a company; it’s bringing social to healthcare with a platform that drives healthcare stakeholders to be connected, engaged and empowered. Our vision moves beyond conventional boundaries of the healthcare industry, in our sights is a future where all of healthcare can collaborate. We will break down barriers that have long hindered efficient communication.

Our Mission

At Florie, we are fueled by a simple yet powerful belief: everyone deserves an improved healthcare experience, especially the patients who rely on it.

Our mission is clear โ€“ to not just talk about being revolutionary, but to truly revolutionize healthcare communication and accessibility, making it not only more efficient but also patient-centric. We stand at the forefront of change, creating a healthcare ecosystem where communication is efficient, connections are positive, and accessibility is paramount.

Florie: Social for Healthcare

Join us on our journey to reshape the landscape of healthcare. Florie is more than a name; itโ€™s a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a world where healthcare communication is seamless, connections are
meaningful, and accessibility is universal. Together, we are Florie โ€“ Social for Healthcare, and together, we are transforming the way healthcare connects, engages and empowers.

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