All the engagement features you need, where you need them

Florie’s complete suite of contactless features work seamlessly to create efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Each feature is powerful alone, but they’re even better together.

Online Scheduling

Contactless online scheduling eliminates unnecessary phone calls and ensures your patients are scheduled with your defined network of providers.
  • No more asking patients to “Find a doc”
  • Florie matches patients based on their insurance and location
  • Easily customize your network to your preferences

Encrypted web chat

Eliminate unnecessary phone tag for everyone. Florie makes it easy for you and your physician network to react to your patients’ needs more efficiently.
  • Most patients prefer not to call when possible
  • Stay responsive while reducing incessant phone calls
  • Seamlessly convert chats into appointments

Direct messaging

Unify your clinical and administrative staff with a better way to communicate
  • Florie’s messaging feature is faster, simpler, and more convenient than email
  • Instant messaging enables healthcare organizations to communicate as one unified team

Referral Management

Florie’s proprietary, phoneless referral process eliminates leakage and minimizes administrative burdens to ensure your patients are scheduled with your specific network of providers.
  • Eliminate network leakage and reduce your administrative bottlenecks
  • Customize your physician network for better operational effeciancy
  • Increase your revenue by retaining and scheduling 100% of your referrals

Microtargeted content

Microtargeted educational content delivered directly to mobile devices drives better engagement, improves compliance, and delivers significantly higher ROI.
  • Send specific content to specific patient cohorts
  • Share content with your network of provider contacts
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant from end-to-end

Peer-to-peer networking

Florie makes it easy to connect with your peers. Start building secure referral networks and open channels for better care coordination.
  • As simple as inviting someone to LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Never miss a referral opportunity
  • Florie accounts and encrypted messaging are always free


For those patients who can’t see you in person, Florie’s native telehealth feature keeps you both connected to ensure your patients get the care they need when they need it most.
  • Personalized meeting links
  • Virtual waiting room guarantees privacy
  • You control access to consultations

Patient forms

Florie’s custom form builder allows you to reduce administrative burdens by collecting patient information and consent signatures before they visit your practice.

Coming soon

Closed-loop analytics

From content engagement to appointment scheduling, track your patients’ journey with real-time analytic updates
  • Florie provides a fully transparent, closed-loop analytic
  • Better data leads to better decisions and better outcomes
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