There’s a more cost-effective way to acquire new patients


How to acquire more patients through Florie


Open your Florie Account

Authenticate your account with a valid email address and cell phone number, and start using instantly.

Accept new appointments

Every provider or their staff gets direct patient appointment requests delivered straight into their account inbox.



Once you decide to accept the appointment, click on the request and complete the scheduling process.

Patient acquisition costs are skyrocketing; both traditional and social/SEO marketing campaigns deliver low ROI

Florie’s direct patient scheduling channel gives providers the opportunity to acquire new patients at affordable rates 

Why providers are choosing Florie

Schedule Appointment image

Transparent pricing model

Florie has no hidden fees. Transaction fees are only charged when you schedule direct patient appointment requests and open referrals

Control the scheduling process

With Florie, your practice maintains control of your calendar. Your calendars are never published and no time slots are reserved.

No monthly or annual listing fees

Providers can sign up and use our free software. They can choose to schedule patient appointment requests or open referrals and only pay the small transaction fee. 

Florie is a cost-effective patient acquisition option for providers.

You only pay for value delivered, i.e. the patient appointments and referrals that you accept and schedule.